Ecopoints receive glass packaging, metal packaging and paper.
(Also carton packaging and plastic packaging at some of the the Rinki ecopoints)

Locations of ecopoints

Recycling stations

Recycling stations receive household recyclable waste as well as hazardous waste free of charge. Charges include combustible waste, landfill waste and a larger amount of security paper.

Opening hours and addresses of recycling stations

Locked bins for combustible waste

You can connect your holiday home to a locked bin for combustible waste. There is a usage fee for the service.

Locations of key containers

Waste center in Teuva

The waste center receives large individual batches of waste, in practice usually over a car trailer with individual waste. In addition, it is a collection point for Teuva twigs and garden waste, and asbestos is also delivered there.

Opening hours of Waste center in Teuva

UFF clothing collection points

You can donate intact clean clothes to UFF.

The location of the containers