Contact your transport company to agree on emptying the waste container.

 Containers required for the waste collection of housing associations

Number of apartments in the residential
Container required for the type of waste
 1–4 Combustible waste

Combustible waste
Metal packaging, optional
Glass packaging, optional
Paperboard packaging or cardboard, optional
Plastic packaging, optional
Biowaste (transition period 1.5.2024)

10 or more Combustible waste
Metal packaging
Glass packaging
Paperboard packaging or cardboard
Plastic packaging, optional
Biowaste (transition period 1.5.2024)

In addition to these types of waste, paper is collected from properties, as prescribed by sections 49 and 50 of the Waste Act.

How often should a container be emptied?
Combustible waste 1–2 1–4
Biowaste 1–2 1–4
Paperboard packaging 1–8 1–16
Metal packaging 1–8 1–16
Glass packaging 1–8 1–16
Plastic packaging 1–8 1–16
Cardboard 1–24 1–24


Other waste is received e.g. recycling stations