Detached houses

Waste management for detached houses


Waste container for combustible waste and contract for emptying

Every household must have a waste bin for combustible waste. You yourself make an agreement about emptying the waste container with a waste transport company. It is the waste transport company that invoices the transport and treatment fee of the combustible waste.

Contact details for waste transport companies

‍Emptying interval.

In the summertime, from may until september, the waste container must be emptied at least every two weeks. In winter, from October to the end of April, the emptying interval can be a maximum of four weeks. For one- and two-person households, that produce little waste, the emptying interval can be four weeks all year round.

 Application for extension of the waste bin emptying interval (in Finnish)

If you compost the bio waste in a heat insulated compost, you can be granted an extended emptying interval of maximum eight weeks. An extended emptying interval is sought from the Suupohja’s waste committee.

 If you compost the bio-waste, you must notify the Suupohja’swaste committee, either electronically or with a printable form:

Notification of composting of bio-waste (in Finnish)

Shared waste container

Neighbouring properties can share a common waste bin. The users of a common bin may live no more than one kilometre apart in urban areas and no more than three kilometres apart in scarcely populated areas.

When you begin or stop using a common waste container,you must make a report to the Suupohja’s waste committee.

Notification of use of a common waste container (in Finnish)



All households pay an eco-fee, the eco-fee is a basic fee for waste management in accordance with the Waste Act and is invoiced by Botniarosk.

 You can read more about the eco-fee here


how is the waste from owner-occupied houses sorted?

Combustible waste

Daily waste from the household, that cannot be recycled, is placed in the waste bin for combustible waste.

Waste that is sorted as combustible waste


Recycling station

Hazardous waste, electrical and electronic waste, landfill waste, recyclable waste and larger objects, such as furniture, are accepted at our recycling stations.

Waste received at the recycling station

The addresses and opening hours of the recycling stations



Paper, metal and glass packaging can be taken to the nearest Botniarosk or Rinki ecopoint. In addition to paper, metal and glass packaging, cardboard packaging is also collected at the Rinki eco-points.

Waste received at ecopoints

The addresses of the ecopoints


You can also bring plastic packaging to some of the Rinki ecopoints.

Rinki eco-points with collection for plastic packaging.


Waste center

Large amounts of waste are delivered to the waste center in Teuva. Household waste that does not belong in the combustible waste bin at home or can’t be delivered to an ecopoint are mainly delivered to the recycling station. As a rule of thumb, a car trailer with waste belongs at the recycling station, while a tractor trailer with a single type of waste is brought to the waste center.

Waste received at the waste centre


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