Holiday Homes

Waste management for holiday homes

Waste from your holiday home can be managed in different ways:

1. own waste bin

If you spend a lot of time at the summer cottage and there is a road to the cottage, it is most convenient to get your own waste bin. An agreement on emptying is entered into with a waste transport company for the time you stay at the holiday home. The waste bin must be emptied according to the waste management regulations.

Contact details for the waste transport companies

2. shared waste bin

Two or more neighboring properties can agree on a common waste bin.

In some areas where holiday homes are densely located, there might be common waste bins under the auspices of holiday homes associations, road administrative committees or village committees.

A written notification about shared containers is submitted to the Suupohja's waste committee.

Notification of use of common waste container (In Finnish)

3. locked bins

You can connect your holiday home to locked bins for combustible waste. The year-round usage of container costs 49,60€/year. The key deposit is 20 euros.

If you want more information about locked bins please contact Botniarosk's customer service.

4. recycling station

5. waste bin at home


Other waste

Paper, metal packaging and glass packaging  are brought to the nearest ecopoint. Cardboard can also be sorted and brought to an Rinki ecopoint.


You can bring, among other things, plastic packaging, energy waste, wood waste, metal, glass, electrical and electronic waste, hazardous waste, brick and garden waste to the recycling station.

Recycling stations